THE UPSETTERS make theatre written, directed and performed by artists of colour. We want to address representation on the stage while being accessible to a diverse range of audiences.

At the moment, we feel there is an unconscious bias which we want to overcome by creating brand new opportunities for those from underrepresented backgrounds to have their work seen and performed. Too often, we hear that the talent isn’t out there. We’re here to prove that wrong. We’re here to show everyone that there are amazing artists of colour who are dying to be seen and heard.

But when we talk about representation, we’re not just talking about creating an accessible entry point into the industry for artists of colour. To us, accessibility has to be built into the plan from the very beginning. It cannot be an afterthought. With that in mind, we’re committed to making our work accessible to as many people as possible.

We’re a young company but we’re here to stay. We’re going to keep learning and keep upsetting the powers that be. Change is coming and WE ARE THE UPSETTERS.