THE UPSETTERS are seeking donations to help fund our work to champion underrepresented artists of colour in theatre.

If you can spare it, we're asking for donations of ONE HOUR OF THE MINIMUM WAGE PER MONTH.

On the fringe theatre circuit, artists are lucky to be paid minimum wage, if they get paid at all. We don't think this is right. For a 20-minute short play performance, at least 12 hours of work goes into the show. Each company spends around nine hours in rehearsals, they're in tech from 10am on show day plus time spent reading, editing and memorising scripts.

One year of donations is the equivalent to paying one artist for the time they put into making the show happen.

However, if you can't spare it then that's no problem at all, whatever you can afford to give, whether it's a small monthly contribution or a one-off donation, will help us to bring amazing writers, directors and actors of colour to the forefront so that they can take up the space that they deserve.

Money raised will go towards paying artists, reducing ticket prices to make the show more accessible to lower income audiences, providing workshops for underrepresented artists and, hopefully, staging full-length productions in the future.

Finally, we want to say thank you. Even if you don't donate today, we appreciate you showing up and taking the time to read this page. You can help us further by sharing this page with your friends, family and on social media to help spread the word.

Because it is only together that #WeAreTheUpsetters.